Do or Don’t: Final Fantasy 15


Final Fantasy is a series that many people hold as a nostalgic brand to constantly look forward to when a new title is announced. I’m one of those people. I finally got my hands on Final Fantasy 15. Let ME tell YOU pal, there’s a lot of good and a lot of bad. Strap in and get ready for a roller-coaster ride, because OH BOY WE’RE HITTING THAT HILL AND ABOUT TO GO DOWN MY FRIENDS.

Let’s Start with the good, because this game definitely does some things right. The World that’s set up in front of you is amazing and feels vast; everything feels like a separate cog in motion, working in tandem to create a greater picture, leaving you fully immersed. Following that, your friends that are with you on this journey have very natural dialogue and random events that helps with immersion and makes you invested in them. Finally, there’s good synergy between calm moments and eventful scenarios, which can be very hard for developers to figure out, but Final Fantasy 15 is well paced and the balance helps situational understanding and immersion.

Now let’s take a look at the bad, and it really drags the game down. The story is pretty messy; it asks you to invest in characters that you’ve only just met and expects you to mourn losses of/with them. It also has a habit of forcing along story progression and cutting short how it got there, though it may be covered in other products for FF15, seeing as they made a movie and show to go with it. As for the combat, the game’s combat engine seems overly simplified to the point where it’s redundant, and it can be chaotic and weird, with bugs and glitches causing attack animations to stumble due to timing and potentially causing death. Then there’s the biggest problem, which is the progression of the game as a whole, the chapters. When you progress through story missions, they count through like chapters of a book, and in some cases (okay, a lot of cases), you can’t go back through the world and check out the things you NEED to see, now that you have these fancy new upgrades. Rather, you CAN go back with the help of a chapter revisiting game mechanic, but it often seems convoluted and backwards when they could have easy kept the game open at those points in which it’s not. Oh, I forgot to mention driving on a road for 10-15 actual minutes, ONE WAY DOWN AN ON-RAILS ROAD YOU CAN’T DRIVE OFF OF, to get to a quest location while listening to some JAPANESE BACKSTREET BOYS talk about GIRLS and STUPID SHIT.

So in short; Do you like Japanese pretty boys and their daily lives while fighting stuff and exploring a sprawling fantastical world? Hell yeah dude, buy that shit! Do you like extremely mechanically sound games with a seamless story and replayability? Hell no dude, don’t buy that shit!



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