This is the portfolio/author section of Alex Olson. Here you can find links to published stories, links to buy his work, and just general self-promotion.


New Pop Lit

Link to two flash fiction pieces: Thing 2.0 and Eternity/Forever/Infinity



The Nightmare Society                            



Anthology of horror stories from various writers, featuring several stories by Alex Olson. Click link to buy a copy, and also check out the t-shirts because those things are sick.

The Nightmare Society: Volume 1

The Lights

Literary short story published by Paper Darts.




Here is one of the first published stories, that was published on a Webzine called Inner Sins. http://www.innersins.com/innersins_235.htm

Drawing done by Torren Mitchell, at Shempimite.


Buckle Up

Short story published in Deadlights Horror magazine. Link is to the free e-zine.

Bye Odessy

Sci-fi story “Bye Odessy” in Devilfish Review

Life, Rephrased


Poetry that appeared on Selcouth Station

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